Bold company, bold vision

What started as a unique learning experience platform for Imperial College Business School became a leader in online learning innovation. Join us as we change the way global institutions think about online learning.

The mission

We want to revolutionise experiences for online learners across the world.

The vision

We aim to increase the growth and accessibility of online learning in a sustainable way through continual technological innovation. The insendi platform is enhanced through close collaboration with our partner institutions.

insendi values

Our values guide everything we do. At the heart of insendi, there is a culture of transparency, hard work, and professionalism. We are committed to nurturing our diverse team of technology specialists and fostering an inclusive work environment.


Being open and transparent about what we are doing and why.


Treating all employees, partners, and learners in a supportive and inclusive way.


Ensuring we deliver on our promises.


Pushing past the status quo with new and progressive ideas about how technology can improve learning experiences.


Nurturing positive relationships at all levels of the organisation and always going the extra mile for partners.

The insendi story

At Imperial College Business School’s award winning EdTech Lab, co founders David Lefevre and Marc Wells laid the foundations for the insendi learning platform.

When the school wanted to launch their first online degree programme, the team knew their learning management system would fail to meet the needs and expectations of online learners.​ David and Marc’s vision was to transform the development and delivery of online and blended learning.

Then, in 2018, the online platform received investment from renowned business schools ESMT, SMU, BI, and ICBS to grow its capacity and potential, nurturing the new platform into the established organisation which we now call insendi.

Two years later in 2020, insendi was acquired by Study Group, a leading provider of international education. Together we work to build a better world through education.









Meet our team

photo of Germán Suárez Rodríguez

Working at insendi has been an immensely rewarding experience. The opportunities for career growth have been unique, consistently challenging and pushed me forward in my professional journey. Moreover, the emphasis on work-life balance ensures that while we aim for excellence, our personal well-being remains a priority.”

Germán Suárez Rodríguez

Principal Engineer - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

photo of Alberto Ramos

I’m proud to be part of the insendi team, where I can apply my software engineering expertise in a stimulating and collaborative environment. Here, each day is an exciting opportunity to learn and contribute to the company’s success.”

Alberto Ramos

Junior Software Engineer - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

photo of Dr Katy Wright

Working at insendi is interesting, challenging and rewarding! Every day is different, and every project is different – and this helps us to learn so much. Working with such a supportive team is really satisfying too.”

Dr Katy Wright

Senior Learning Designer - London, UK

photo of Chloé Thomas

“There is always a need to communicate and work closely with others to produce the best assets for our courses. I feel that we do work really well as a team and support each other along the way. Everyone works very efficiently together to meet deadlines but it has a relaxed and flexible culture.”

Chloé Thomas

Digital Designer - Leeds, UK

photo of Silvia López

Working at insendi has made me believe another workflow is possible. I feel very lucky and grateful for being able to do something that I enjoy, remotely and with the support of all my colleagues and my team leader who are always willing to help me improve my skills every day. Each day, the platform is becoming a better product.”

Silvia López

Senior Technical Support - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

photo of Raquel Rodríguez

It is very enriching and transforming to work for an ethical company that offers the opportunity to develop employees’ lives and add value through the experience of each team member.”

Raquel Rodríguez

Technical Support - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

photo of Antonio Cárdenes

At Insendi, I have the amazing opportunity to work with an incredibly talented, and focused, multidisciplinary team of professionals, all of them sharing the goal of providing the best online education experiences.”

Antonio Cárdenes

Technical Director - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

photo of Jess Hardy

One of the main things I enjoy about working at insendi is the work-life balance it has provided as a result of the flexibile and modern approach to team and company culture. I also really enjoy working with a huge variety of clients based in various countries and time zones. No day is the same at insendi!”

Jess Hardy

Learning Designer - Oxford, UK.