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Strategic Network

Insendi works with a wide and diverse network of companies around the world to best serve our global markets.

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CloudSwyft is the global leader in customised virtual lab solutions for the higher education sector, allowing institutions to deliver campus lab infrastructure and the comprehensive suite of software tools at scale to students via personalised and persistent virtual lab environments – accessible on any device, any time.

CloudSwyft is proud to work with Insendi to deliver more hands-on and practical learning modalities to its partners and students world-wide, supporting the long term development of online and blended learning. More info can be found here:

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XOLAS sees itself as a vital and caring part of the business school community! We believe in the role of organizational agility and resilience as drivers of institutional success – for our clients as well as for ourselves. The XOLAS consultancy offer is based on a three-pillar approach: (1) We provide business school clients with an external market perspective of the issue at hand supported by proprietary data analytics and benchmarking, (2) we help our clients to identify sustainable strategic responses and to subsequently design the implementation process, (3) we facilitate and support our clients’ organizational restructuring efforts to achieve revised strategic ambitions and performance targets.More info can be found here: