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Dr David Lefevre

Driven by the desire to be at the forefront of online and blended learning, Dr David Lefevre and Marc Wells created the online learning experience platform for Imperial College London, an institution regularly ranked in the world’s top 10.

In 2018, three renowned business schools – ESMT, SMU and BI along with Imperial – invested in this online platform to grow its capacity and potential, developing it into the organisation which is now insendi.

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The state of the art technology at the heart of insendi was built by the dedicated team of professionals who are now helping global institutions adopt the platform to transform digital learning experiences. 

In 2020 we became part of Study Group, a long-established international education provider.

Our mission and our vision

Our mission is to create the best possible online and blended learning environment for our partners and their learners in the higher and executive education sector.  Pedagogy lies at the heart of what we do, and we constantly seek to exceed our partners’ needs.  ‍

insendi aims to facilitate the growth and accessibility of global education in a sustainable way through continual innovation and research.

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Informed by educational research

World-leading academic research, together with our own experience, guides the pedagogical design and structure of our digital learning environment.   

The platform evolves in response to the ever increasing development of applied learning concepts in the online and blended learning field.

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Innovation is a constant

Our partners don't stand still and neither do we!  The insendi platform is enhanced through collaboration with our partner institutions.

We take an evidence-based approach to the creation and implementation of all our new features. An innovative and agile approach is key to learner success on our platform.

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insendi was purchased by Study Group, a leading provider of international education, in 2020 and its vision is to build a better world through education.    

Study Group partners with over 35 universities worldwide, to deliver academic pathways, which broaden access to high-quality, global Higher Education opportunities for thousands of international students every year, across all subject areas.  Partners include leading ‘Russell Group’ UK universities and ‘Group of Eight’ Australian Higher Education Institutions.

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