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A dedicated team helping you to deliver outstanding online programmes

We work in partnership with you to design and deliver online and blended courses, provide consultancy services to help you build your EdTech team, support faculty, and train your staff in developing the capability to independently build online programmes.

We offer a range of services including:

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Our approach to course development

We work with universities to build online programmes and courses. We've done this with numerous schools globally for a range of audiences including Master’s level, undergraduates, and Executive Education, for both fully online and blended, and also credit and non-credit bearing courses.

Our Services Team members have a wealth of experience in online and blended education, from direct teaching experience to PhDs in educational technology and research. We utilise both practical and academic knowledge during initial design, through to development and delivery and will be on hand to guide you through the process of providing an exceptional online learning experience.

  • Our Learning Designers work with faculty to develop course materials and design these into learning sequences to be delivered through the insendi platform.
  • Our Media Specialists are experts in filming and post production and produce the videos for our courses.
  • Our Digital Designers produce all of the graphics for the courses and ensure these are on brand by working with your marketing and creative teams to create style guides.
  • Our Delivery Specialists work with university teams to plan for course launch and ensure every detail has been checked before student enrolment.
  • Our Project Managers are responsible for overseeing the entire development and delivery, reporting directly to our university partners.

Development process

Our Services Team supports the entire development process. This includes outlining the course structure, creating a course storyboard, media production, course build, and a collaborative review process with faculty, in preparation for delivery. 

  • Outlining
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Build
  • Review‍

Faculty support 

We understand that the pressure of time can sometimes be a challenge, which is why our process is designed so that our Learning Designers can lead on the course development to promote time efficiency for faculty. We will work with faculty, and their teaching materials, to design your online course and prepare the course for review and sign off.

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Our approach to training

We work with universities to develop their in-house capability of building and delivering online programmes. We work alongside faculty, programme teams and EdTech teams to provide training on the insendi development process, the insendi pedagogy, our platform, media production, course delivery and evaluation.

Training in the development process

Our teams work alongside each other to build your courses. Shadowing the process develops the expertise required for the university team to independently build programmes for the platform.

All work meetings between faculty and the insendi Learning Designer are attended by the Learning Design teams at the university, while the Media Specialists ensure all of the technical knowledge required for carrying out the end-to-end process is transferred to the university media production teams.

Programme and delivery management

Preparation for delivery begins as soon as we identify the programme for development. Our teams will work together, planning back from the first student enrolment date, to ensure that all possible options and scenarios have been discussed and prepared for. The insendi team work with the Programme Managers at the university to ensure a solid delivery plan is in place, and various logging and reporting tools are provided to monitor and manage the process.

Delivery support

The insendi Delivery Specialists support the first delivery of all courses and are available at all times throughout, giving the university assurance that the programme is in safe hands as it is released to students.‍


Following the first delivery, the insendi team will conduct a full evaluation with faculty, the programme team, Learning Designers and Teaching Assistants. The evaluation uses the feedback on the experience from the whole team, and fully reviews the data analytics to provide insights and recommendations so that the course can be updated and enhanced for the next run. Through this process, the university programme team is provided with all of the tools required to carry out further evaluations for other online programmes.

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Our approach to consultancy

We work with universities to plan programmes, engage faculty, hire staff, develop marketing campaigns, design and implement processes, and set up the physical spaces and equipment for those teams. We are experienced in working with universities who may be embarking on online programmes for the first time, through to those with an established EdTech Lab with multiple existing programmes in delivery.‍

Capacity building 

We have helped universities to build world-class EdTech teams and facilities. insendi can provide guidance on the structure of development and support teams, advise on the physical space, equipment and technologies needed to support those teams, and assist with hiring specific roles, by supplying job descriptions, people specifications and having input into the hiring process.

Operations support

insendi can provide input and guidance into processes such as course development, online teaching and the administration of online courses. We can also assist with faculty engagement, advising on issues such as IPR and how to compensate faculty for their participation in the development of online programmes. insendi also provide teaching guides, delivery checklists and full visibility of project management tools and reporting formats used by our production team.

Media studio setup

The insendi team is experienced in helping universities build media studios for filming. Our team assists with room selection and provides full lists of equipment for purchasing camera, lighting, audio, teleprompter, soundproofing, and green-screen equipment. Our Media Specialists visit your campus to build the studio, complete a full test run of all equipment, and conduct filming sessions alongside the university media team.

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