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An innovative platform with pedagogy at its heart

We love tech for a reason: it brings online and blended courses to life. However, pedagogy comes first. Our unique platform starts with how education can best be delivered online. 

Our goal is to help you create transformational learning experiences and technology is how we make this happen. Universities and business schools don’t just lecture; face-to-face classes are social, experiential, responsive and driven by the teaching faculty.

Our platform enables the creation of your digital campus to develop the ultimate learning ecosystem.

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Online learning comes to life

In the digital environment, the platform is the key to a positive learning experience. The human centric insendi platform enables a sequence of learning that structures and scaffolds your course, while promoting an active learning community. Your faculty will be empowered to bring their online classroom to life.

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Premium without complexity

Our platform has a premium ‘look and feel’ made to meet and surpass learner expectations – yet it’s simple for you and your team to use. Our intuitive user interface makes it easy to get started and we integrate with your existing systems to simplify and facilitate delivery. Its intuitiveness means that no complicated user manuals are required.

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Complete integration capability

insendi has developed a technological infrastructure that is secure, robust and has considerable capacity for future partners. Our modular design and app-based architecture integrate smoothly with your local systems. You can create API plug-ins, and there’s simple integration with LTI too. It is reliable and we provide support for you through our 24/7 help desk.

Dr. Sarah Grant, Associate Director

"The insendi platform is a learning designer’s dream! It provides designers with the autonomy and tools to better engage faculty, speed up development timelines and increase creativity throughout the development process.”

Dr. Sarah Grant, Associate Director - Imperial College Business School

How it works

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Configure your course

Set the course title, the key dates, the number of sessions and the topics that will be covered.

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Add your learning activities

Create the sequence of learning activities that will comprise your course. The platform comes pre-configured with all the activities you need to create high impact, active and social courses.

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Flag key activities

Activities can be ‘flagged’. For example, you can flag an activity as an individual or group task, assessed or non-assessed, optional or compulsory and for online or ‘blended’ study. This approach creates a wealth of options for assessment and student engagement.

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Deliver your course

Interact with your students via multiple communication channels, track your students’ progress via sophisticated learning analytics, respond to student queries, provide additional feedback and grade assignments.

Key benefits

Unique pedagogical activities

An unparalleled range of activities for teacher-learner interactions, community development, learner feedback, group work, assessment and blended learning are built into the platform.  Educators choose from this ever-expanding set of bespoke activities to create an innovative, experiential and effective learning experience so your learners are challenged and motivated. This means that courses on the insendi platform are highly engaging learning experiences.

Create rich educational experiences

A wealth of tools for personalising interactions, building learning communities, providing feedback, crafting group-based learning and shaping assessment opportunities.

A professional tool for learning design

Our activity-based approach finally gives ambitious learning designers exactly what they need to deliver the pedagogical designs they know will work.

No manuals required

Our simple and intuitive interface enables faculty and learning designers to immediately  begin crafting high impact, ‘human-centred’ learning experiences.

Courses that students love and value

Build educational experiences that will excite your students. No solitary experiences. insendi courses are active, engaging and foster a strong sense of community.

With our platform, your learners will experience easy navigation in a professional online environment. Why not let us show you around?

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