Insendi founder to speak on business education in the post-pandemic world

Dr. David Lefevre

The Covid-19 pandemic moved digital learning from being a growing but niche activity within management education, to centre stage in dramatic fashion.

Our sector witnessed an unprecedented period of innovation as faculty and professional staff found themselves scrambling to redesign their activities for online format. Classes, tutorials, careers support, clubs, alumni events and even graduation ceremonies all adopted a digital form.

As the disruption caused by the pandemic enters its second year, and the end steadily comes into view, a key consideration is to question the degree to which these digital formats of education will revert to their prior format. Which online processes will endure? And which will not? Business school leaders can shape the answer to this question and sit at a critical moment, needing to decide whether to seize the opportunities presented by the crisis.

To help answer these questions, insendi founder and Director of the EdTech Lab at Imperial College Business School, Dr David Lefevre, will be hosting a webinar in partnership with the Association of MBAs.

Webinar: Business education in the post-pandemic world: a technology enhanced future

Date: 18 March 2021 | 14:00 – 15:00 GMT

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