The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Melbourne renews its partnership with insendi, a Study Group company, to extend their offering of high-quality online business education

University of Melbourne

The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) of the University of Melbourne (Australia), has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality online and blended learning through the extension of their partnership with London-based online education company, insendi.

Initially formed in May 2019, the renewed collaboration between FBE and insendi will meet the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities within the digital education space. FBE will work with insendi to create two new programmes on the platform: a stackable MSc in Supply Chain Management and an MSc in Professional Management.  Due to launch in mid-2021, these programs target experienced professionals and will expand on FBE online offering and solidify FBE’s reputation in innovative online and blended business education.

As a leading provider of business education, FBE actively shapes the direction of online pedagogy through its membership in the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance. Working with FOME partners, including insendi, FBE is committed to transforming online business education through highly engaging, impactful learning experiences and new delivery models. As part of this commitment, FBE leads on the development of transnational education opportunities with FOME partners.

“We are extremely happy to be continuing our partnership with insendi and our FOME partners to ensure that we accelerate our capabilities in the design, build and delivery of high-quality online and hybrid learning experiences to complement our highly ranked on-campus programs.”                                
Deputy Dean, Professor Nasser Spear

Mia Furci

About the author

Mia Furci is the Sales & Marketing Associate at insendi. Mia graduated with a 1st class honours degree from The University of Sussex and has 5 years of office experience in the field of legal recruitment, 2+ years' charity experience across victim support, social media management, and fundraising.