Top German Business school hosts conference for online executive educators in Berlin

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The annual conference of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance, co-founded by insendi, will look at new applications of technology and collaboration in executive education.

ESMT Berlin, the highest ranked business school in Germany and amongst the Top 10 in Europe, yesterday hosted the first day of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Conference.

The conference brings together FOME members to explore collaboration, executive education and learning technologies across the Alliance. ESMT Berlin was a founder member of the FOME Alliance with insendi - part of international education experts Study Group since the beginning of 2020.

The Alliance describes itself as “an alliance of like-minded global business schools who share a vision to be leaders in the development and delivery of an immersive and high engagement online business education,” which aims to “to catalyse digital transformation in business education through extensive collaboration and extraordinary innovation.”

Partners are located in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, and include insendi, The BI Norwegian Business School, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, ESMT Berlin, EDHEC Business School (a private Grande Ecole business school in France with campuses in France, the UK and Singapore), HKUST Business School, Imperial College Business School, Ivey Business School in Canada, the Luiss Business School in Rome, the Singapore Management University, the University of Melbourne and IE Business School in Spain.  

According to insendi co-founder, Dr David Lefevre, “The FOME Alliance conference here in Berlin offers a unique opportunity for executive educators to come together to really focus on the key opportunities and challenges for the future. This kind of collaborative thinking is at the core of how we approach educational problems. Along with our co-founders at the Imperial College Business School in London, our evidence-based learning platform has always taken an education first approach, and the FOME Network brings together faculty, senior management, Edtech project managers, learning designers, and media experts to co-create online learning experiences that really meet the needs of our partners and students.”

David notes that the Alliance is also committed to a shared set of educational values which put students at the heart of design. “Our view is that education extends beyond knowledge acquisition. It is a deeply transformative experience that profoundly affects one’s identity and worldview. Providing the opportunity to expose students to diverse viewpoints and to challenge them to respond is a key responsibility and privilege for educators. This involves asking difficult questions and allowing students to embrace different possibilities and lenses on the world.”‍

“Online learning facilitates personalised feedback and real-time interaction, giving students an opportunity to actively engage with both their peers and their instructor. For educators, online learning opens up manifold ways of interacting with students and supporting active learning - here in Berlin we will be looking at what this philosophy means for the future of management education.”

Amy Braithwaite

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Amy Braithwaite is the Marketing Associate at insendi. Amy graduated with a second-class honours, upper division degree from Newcastle University and has previous experience working in marketing communications and social media, for a tech start-up company.