Luiss Business School joins The Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance, the global network of leading business schools

Luiss Business School

Luiss Business School, the higher education management school of Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome (Italy), becomes a new member of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance. Through its education, research activities and corporate connections, Luiss Business School aims to support personal and professional development at all levels. This is through an educational model that focuses on the learner and gives emphasis to an entrepreneurial perspective combined with problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking.

Entering into the FOME Alliance, Luiss Business School joins ten partners: BI (Norway); ESMT (Germany); EDHEC (France); Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong); IE (Spain); Imperial College Business School (UK); Ivey Business School (Canada); Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (United States); SMU (Singapore) and The University of Melbourne (Australia). This network brings together faculty, senior management, Edtech project managers, learning designers, and media experts from each school to co-create the very best online learning experiences.

As a new FOME member, Luiss Business School will provide existing members with new opportunities, including resources, expertise and leadership, which will assist in the development of advanced online practices.  Great attention will be paid to the field of digital transformation, and the opportunities that will arise from this, to encourage an attitude of change.

“We see digital transformation as a mindset – explains Paolo Boccardelli, Dean of Luiss Business School – the main path to follow to implement our mission. In this scenario digitalization conquers the role of a key dimension, thus enabling the innovation of the teaching methods adopted, to strengthen the learning experience of our students. The Luiss Business School ethos is strongly committed to contribute to the FOME vision and mission due to their strong alignment with our School’s philosophy”.

Collaboration is a pillar of the Luiss Business School experience. This is represented through the great strategic focus on the close connection between the academic and the business world, that enables the School to generate processes of transformation. This enables the creation of learning environments that equip students with the deeper knowledge and skills to participate in today's economy, as well as to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

As a FOME member, Luiss Business School will support the development and sharing of the international network, taking up leadership in its growth strategy through a collaborative and proactive approach.

“We are delighted to welcome the Luiss Business School as our newest partner in the Future of Management Education Alliance (FOME). As part of FOME, our shared goal is to accelerate innovation in online learning and create high standards for quality online education, through global collaboration. We look forward to the partnership with Luiss and the expertise, knowledge and experience they will bring to FOME.”

David Wood, Accelerated MBA Faculty Director, Ivey Business School and Co-chair of FOME.

Mia Furci

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